Rotterdam School of Management (RSM), Erasmus University

We have partnered with the Corporate Communication Centre of Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University to offer the following executive courses with discount for NEVIR members. The course is developed to provide an accessible, quality program to professionals around the world.

Highlighted masterclasses 2022-2023

Organisational change | 27-29 September 2022, in person

A three-day masterclass about organisational change to examine theories of change and development applied to organisations, groups and individuals, and to explore how theoretical perspectives of change are reflected in the range of approaches applied to the diagnosis and solving of problems in organisations.

We will pay particular attention to critical issues that need to be considered when developing and implementing a plan for change; organisational politics, stakeholder management, strategic leadership, communication, motivating others to change, and the choice and sequencing of interventions.

Crisis communication | 4-6 October 2022, hybrid programme

This masterclass will cover all aspects of crisis communication for managers. You will learn specific tools to apply before, during, and after a crisis hits. And you will explore general frameworks that will help you conquer a crisis, and ideally, prevent crises from happening in the first place. Another topic is how to properly consider various constituencies to determine appropriate communication channel choices when sending a message to employees, consumers and the media during high-pressure crisis times. You will learn through a combination of interactive lectures, real-life case discussions, video clips and interactive exercises.

Corporate responsibility | 3, 4  and 7 November 2022, online programme

Corporations are increasingly held accountable for their effect on both the environment and society. This course focuses on the corporation’s responsibility to its key constituencies such as customers, employees, shareholders, communities, and the environment in all parts of their operations. This concept extends beyond obligations to comply with regulations alone and finds companies taking further steps voluntarily to “do well by doing good”.  Through cases focusing on the social, reputational, and environmental consequences of corporate activities, you will learn how to make difficult choices, promote responsible behaviour within their organizations, communicate effectively about corporate responsibility, and understand the role personal values play in developing responsible corporate behavior for both the organizations they will work for and themselves.

Reputation management | 24-26 April 2023, in-person

Organisations with a strong reputation are better able to attract the best and most appropriate stakeholders such as customers, investors and employees. So it makes sense that organisations attach great importance to building, maintaining and protecting their corporate reputation. This three-day masterclass provides a comprehensive overview of the latest academic knowledge and best practices for managing reputations. You will also learn how to apply this in practice so you have the ability and confidence to influence decisions at board level, and keep reputation at the top of the executive agenda.

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This course can also be taken as part of RSM’s part-time Executive Master in Corporate Communication, a flexible and accredited master program for communications professionals.
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