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NEVIR Annual General Meeting (ALV)

Annual General Meeting
Meeting details: June 22, 17:00 | Hybrid meeting
Location: CFF Communications – James Wattstraat 100, 1076 DM Amsterdam
1. Opening
2. Minutes AGM 2022 – dated 22 June 2022
3. Annual Report 2021
4. Accounts 2021
5. Cash control commission 2021
6. Discharge board  
7. Budget 2022-2023
8. Rotation control
– Andreas Bork
– Gawithrie Vaanholt
– Jonathan Berger
– Anita Singendonk
– Marieke Palstra
– Serena Zuidema 
9. Program second half 2022 / early 2023
10. Announcements / Documents received
11. Survey
12. Closure


You can vote on the following agenda items:

2. Minutes AGM 2022 – dated 22 June 2022
6. Decharge bestuur  
8. Rotatie bestuur
– Andreas Bork
– Gawithrie Vaanholt
– Jonathan Berger
– Anita Singendonk
– Marieke Palstra
– Serena Zuidema 

If you would like to vote, you can do this by sending an email to The closing date is Friday June 24, 12 p.m.

If you have any questions for the Board, please e-mail them in advance to Your question will be answered during the Annual General Meeting.

This year there is a networking event afterwards in Club Dauphine. You are welcome to join.

IR Magazine – ESG Integration Forum

This year we are proud to partner with IR Magazine and Corporate Secretary for the upcoming ESG Integration Forum – Europe on March 1. This year’s forum will bring together experts from Europe and is the ultimate place to learn about developments around expectations related to environmental, social and governance factors… and this year, we are back in person!

As a partner, we can offer you our discount code, NEVIR20, for you to get 20% off the pass price.

What to expect at this hybrid event

  • Learn about the role of companies in the era of stakeholder capitalism and understand how stakeholder capitalism is shaping regulation, expectations of public companies and the impact it could have on incoming legislation.
  • Discuss the impact of the ISSB on sustainability reporting and ensure that your systems and processes are up-to-speed with the latest developments in ESG reporting.
  • Benchmark your climate reporting practices against leading companies by hearing about how other companies implement TCFD reporting and approach climate-related targets.
  • Learn how to measure your societal contribution and discover the social factors your stakeholders and investors are most interested in this year.
  • Amplify your ESG story share best practices about communicating your ESG-related initiatives, performance and policies.
  • Learn about the ESG issues that investors are most interested in this year and have your questions answered during our live investor Q&A.

Join us at the ESG Integration Forum – Europe to make sure you’re best placed to take on the newest ESG-related challenges that issuers face.

Register here