If you are an employee of a Dutch public company with professional responsibility for investor relations, then you are welcome to join NEVIR. Membership of the association is corporate, meaning that all of an affiliated firm’s IR practitioners are eligible to apply. To maintain our professional profile and practical focus, these individual applications are assessed by the Board. It pays particular attention to the following points.


- Position and experience.

- Willingness to contribute to NEVIR activities.

- Relations between members and balanced representation of all sections of the profession.


Consultants can also join NEVIR, as long as the primary focus of their work really is investor relations. Their applications are considered carefully by the Board and are subject to checks of the applicant’s activities, objectives and clients. In addition, we endeavour to ensure that only about a third of members are consultants.


Membership fees

NEVIR introduced a corporate membership system in 2006. This means that more than one person from any affiliated company can join, even from different disciplines, as long as they are active in investor relations. Membership fees are now related to the company’s market capitalisation.



To apply for membership, please complete and submit our online application form.